Friday, March 16, 2007

War on Terror Links

Bakhtar News Agency Official news agency of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Al Jazeera In my opinion, the least biased of the mainstream news networks; except with regards to Israel.
Afghanistan Online General information and news; slogan is "Afghanistan: The Friendliest Country in the World, Possibly the Universe."
Afghanistanica: "An Exploration of Afghanistan from a Safe Distance."

Miscellaneous links

News Hounds An excellent website that monitors FOX News Channel.
Wikimapia A combination between Google Earth and Wikipedia.
The Periodic Table Table A very cool site run by Ig Nobel Prize laureate Theodore Gray.
Korean Central News Agency Official propaganda outlet of North Korea. Always good for a few laughs.
Compact Histories Almost certainly the best histories of Native America on the Web.

Other Blogs
Americaphile Ralph the Magnificent's blog. Enter at your own risk.
Barcharters Anonymous UKLibDem's blog.
Class War Now! DrFreedom's site (not a blog).
Cool as Hartford Kim's blog.
The Fitful Flog Oschene's origami blog.
House of Ill Repukes Yakki's blog.
Oklahoma Opinions Jimmy Martin's blog.
Ranger Bob and Friends Count Istvan's blog.
Weaponsblog A really groovy Indian blog about the various spectacular advances being made in military technology.